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Algona Area Bell Fest

February 17, 2007

Friedman Auditorium



Camp Algona POW Project

March 2007

The Camp Algona POW Museum committee began its work in January 2001. With the

generous help of groups like the Haggard-Twogood Charitable Trust, they collected artifacts

and carried out research and preserved the existing information about Camp Algona. Lastly,

in March of 2004, the secured an exhibit facility. On Founder’s Day of 2004, they opened

their first exhibit called “German Prisoners of War in America, The Camp Algona

Experience”. Over the next few years, they opened other exhibits called “Cultural

Expression Behind Barbed Wire” and “You Must Remember This: American

Military personnel in Algona”. Since their opening, they have hosted more than 6,000


One of the committee’s original goals was to create an exhibit that would bring

honor to the Kossuth county area service personnel who served in World War II. In 2006,

they were proud to open the exhibit called “Algona Experiences World War II”. Because

of increasing local interest in the exhibit, they have collected numerous artifacts that they

were unable to display. The Haggard-Twogood Charitable Trust once again granted money

to this important project in order to expand the “Algona Experiences World War II”.

Visit the museum at 114 S. Thorington St., Algona during regular hours, April-December

1:00 – 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday or by appointment.



Golden Dragon Acrobats

April 1, 2007

O.B. Laing Middle School Auditorium

Sponsored by the Kossuth County Concert Series



High School Art Show

April 4-13, 2007

the Gallery @ the Library

Sponsored by the Stinson Prairie Arts Council

The 2nd annual Kossuth County Art Show, sponsored by the Stinson Prairie Arts Council

was again held at the Algona Public Library from April 4th to the 11th.

High schools represented this year were; Algona, Bishop Garrigan, Corwith-Wesley-

LuVerne, North Kossuth, Sentral of Fenton, and West Bend Mallard. The arts council

awarded plaques to the Best 2-D project, the Best 3-D project, and the Best of Show project

as judged by Iowa Lakes Community College art professor Byron Lindell.

This year’s 2-D winner is Amy Riggert of Sentral of Fenton (left), with her charcoal drawing

of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The 3-D award went to Garrison Brosnan (center) , of

Bishop Garrigan, with his assemblage of a mixed media titled, “Abandoned.” Finally,

capturing the Best of Show plaque, was Lauren Linahan (right) of Algona High School.

Lauren’s colorful collage also earned her a monetary scholarship. Many of the art projects

now go on to be exhibited in other shows and competitions throughout the area. If you

missed this year’s show, be ready for next year’s display, usually held around this time of the




Organ/Piano Concert

April 29, 2007

1st United Methodist Church, Algona



David Brock “Place”

May 26-June 16, 2007

the Gallery @ the Library

Sponsored by the Stinson Prairie Arts Council

“Place” is the title of the upcoming show at the Gallery @ the Library. Artist David Brock

will be sharing his paintings with Algona during this one man show from May 21-June 16,

2007 and is open during regular library hours.

David Brock, the son-in-law of David and Kathy Gerber of LuVerne, resides in Eau Claire,

WI after traveling extensively throughout the NW United States, Europe, Asia and Japan. He

received his BA in Painting and Drawing at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley

and his MFA in Painting at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

The following is David Brock’s Artist Statement which lends insight to how David goes

about his process.

“It seems I am always drawn to quiet places, those places where you can sit, relax, take

nothing and seemingly everything in, places which are easily overlooked in our busy, day-today

grind. These are the sites where I am able to recharge, reflect, to begin anew. Recently, I

have found through my graduate studies in Florence, Italy and in northwestern Ohio that I

have become entranced with these seemingly mundane spots, most notably the cloisters of

ancient churches and the worked fields of our own backyards. It may be the myriad of their

rhythms, the lack of overpowering stimuli, the evocation of timelessness, the knowledge that

everything has had the imprint of human hands that I have found my solace in these locales.

My technique reflects the places I reproduce. By using a vocabulary of repetitive, simple

shapes and color fields, the clutter of the details becomes less important while still being able

to infuse the images with a clam and serenity without losing focus on the forms of the land.

Either the sky or the earth dominate the canvases as the colors become scratched, worked,

layered in an attempt to reveal the underlying workings of man while still showing the

dominance of nature.”



David Brock

January 2007



Michael Harker “Barns of Iowa”

June 18-August 18, 2007

the Gallery @ the Library

Sponsored by the Stinson Prairie Arts


This collection of twenty 11 x 18 inch

black and white photos captures the

nostalgic beauty of barns as well as the

enduring pride of the farmers who built

them. Michael Harker began

photographing these structures in 1993

with his rare artistic approach—shooting

only one photo of each barn—one view

of the facade, interior, or architectural detail that conveys its individual story. The actual

barns are disappearing from Iowa at a rate of a thousand a year, but Harker's images visually

preserve a foundation of the agrarian life...a piece of our Iowan identity. Featured by the

Smithsonian Institution, Barns of Iowa has been exhibited at the Herbert Hoover National

Historic Site in West Branch, the Department of Agriculture building in Des Moines, and at

the State Historical Society of Iowa. Distinctive descriptions written by Loren Horton,

retired Senior Historian of the State Historical Society, accompany the photos. Photographer

Michael Harker is also a part of HI's Speakers Bureau program offering presentations

statewide. Be sure to book him for a presentation! Please consult with the Humanities Iowa

office for transportation and setup of this exhibit.

Strings on the Prairie



“The Belin Quartet”

June 21, 2007

Stinson Prairie

Sponsored by the Stinson

Prairie Arts Council

The Stinson Prairie Arts

Council, Algona, is pleased

to welcome the summer

solstice with a concert on

Stinson Prairie, located

west of Algona.

"Strings on the Prairie"

will be presented by the Belin String Quartet.

The Belin Quartet was established in the year 2000 by a grant to the Civic Music Association

by the Iowa Foundation for Education, Environment, and the Arts, a charitable foundation

created by David Belin. His vision that the whole community should have the opportunity to

share the joys of classical music is realized through the Belin String Quartet.



Iowa Tent Theatre

July 12, 2007

Smith Lake

Sponsored by the Y-Pals

The Iowa Tent Theatre presents “Standing Tall,” on

Thursday, July 12 at 7:30 PM at Smith Lake. Tickets are $5

and available “at the door.” (Or, maybe that’s at the

shore…) Those attending are asked to bring their own lawn

chair. This production is coming to our community thanks

to the Haggard-Twogood Trust and the Y-Pals Mentor Program.

The Iowa Tent Theatre Project is a professional tent theatre company touring an original

tent play throughout the summer. Standing Tall is a journey back in time to the Iowa family

farm – to the white clapboard farmhouse, the cornfields and pastures that start where the

dirt road ends. Life on the farm was never so much fun! Mark your calendar today to attend!

This family show lasts approximately 60 minutes. For more information, see



Rural Route Film Festival

September 15, 2007

Berte’s Back Nine

The Rural Route Film Festival has been created to

highlight works that deal with rural people and places.

While the term "rural" is defined by Webster's Dictionary

as: 1) Of or relating to the country: RUSTIC 2) Of or relating to

people who live in the country 3) Of or relating to farming:

AGRICULTURAL, the creators of Rural Route Film

Festival leave it up to you, the film and video artists, to explain your own definition of

"rural." Whether it be a documentary about an organic turnip farm in West Virginia, a

fictional backpacking drama set in Peru, or a personal/experimental work about life in a

small town in Wisconsin, we want to see and hear what you have to say. Works that include

alternative country, country western, and folk music are encouraged, as are those that play

loud rock in cornfields.



20 Years / 20 Stories: Film, Writing and Photography by David Thoreson

September 17 – November 16, 2007

the Gallery @ the Library

Sponsored by the Stinson Prairie Arts Council



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